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There is nothing better than being grateful to those around you and now more than ever is a great time to recognise and celebrate those around you who are doing their bit for their team, the veterinary community and the wider community. With that in mind, feast your eyes on our latest winner announcement!

Recently, we hosted a giveaway for a copy of ‘Vets Against Insanity’, a party game aimed at vets in the same vein of ‘Cards Against Humanity’ in which players will pick a card who they think fits best with the chosen sentence of the round. This giveaway came with a twist, instead of simply entering your name to win the prize, we wanted participants to nominate someone in their community to win. Someone who they believe has stepped up during these tough times and proved to be a positive beacon to those around them.

It has been amazing to look through these nominations and be reminded of how caring and strong the veterinary community is. Even if you didn’t enter this competition, I strongly encourage you to reach out to someone in your team, friendship group or community and praise them for all that they have done. 

Here are just a few of our favourites (with the winner announced at the end of this blog!) 

@vetmedkid on Instagram: “@melodythevet I’m tagging you because you’ve had to deal with some pretty darn difficult owners who have made you question everything but you’ve pulled through. You’re an amazing vet and person who always tries to do their best by the animal, no matter what. Love you”

@vet_student_adventure on Instagram: “@becca.the.vet_student for being my #1 since day 1, her support means more than ever during my final exams & I know she’s gonna kill her 4th year exams”

@it.might.get.weird on Instagram: “I’d like to nominate @ktkuehl. She is such an unsung hero in our community to those that have previously struggled to obtain access to veterinary care. Now that access has been blocked completely during this pandemic. Yet she continues to invent ways to reach out to and provide help virtually. All this while continuing to connect with her students, and supporting me tremendously in our Cat Class endeavors. She’s definitely more than worthy for this prize.”

@ninaquinners on Instagram: “@ninarene22 is an amazing dual talent as a vet assistant (training to become an RVT) and receptionist. In the midst of the COVID-19 lockdown, she always rolls with the punches and brings lots of smiles to the team. She always works hard without complaining, fills shifts on short notice, and is willing to work anytime. All the staff and clients love her sunshine and rainbows personality. She r”ecently made our hospital COVID19 curbside bingo to help keep morale up!

Ashleigh Adams on Facebook: “Oh my goodness it is so hard to choose just one of my incredible team and vet family at work ️ But Claire Walkley has been an absolute Gem as always  she works all hours of the day and night balancing her busy family schedule with work and somehow always manages to fit everything all in, have a smile on her face and give great advice and be a fantastic vet nurse!”

Kaitla Wildblood on Facebook: “Ruth Snow because she has created over 250 cloth masks and has shipped them to people all over the US and has donated over 150 of them to hospitals ️ she is also a good friend and a veterinary student at Glasgow!”

@drlizvet on Instagram: “@md_cavanagh is the other half of my brain. I have been on maternity leave and she’s been amazing, working extra hard and is flexible with working with me to have a new back at work schedule when I return. Just today she sent me a photo of a new patient to keep me in the loop. She loves board games and she would love this! “

And for the winner…

@aliceritchie_ on Instagram: “I nominate @laura_nv_. Over the last few weeks, she has had to look after her kitty Milo who fractured his jaw, travelling long distances to bring him to see a specialist vet. Not only that, she has helped to look after neighbour’s pets while they are at work during this time and rescued others that she has found stray in her local area. Along with studying for 3rd year exams over the past few weeks, Laura still finds the time to help look after her 2 young nieces and go grocery shopping for her dad. Laura regularly organises game nights in her flat when we are at uni and I know she would love this one!! We would love to play this when we are hopefully all back together as 4th years in September!”

Congratulations Laura, reading what Alice has said about you really shows how you have stepped up during these tough times. Being able to do so much for those around you whilst studying for your exams has shown how organised, strong and caring you are. I hope that you and your friends enjoy this game and good luck with the rest of your veterinary studies!

Thank you to everyone who entered their friends into this competition, it’s amazing to have a platform to show all of these stories. Again please don’t forget to be grateful to those around you, with the lockdown and its uncertainty we should be reaching out to our friends, colleagues and family to remind them of the positive influence that they have had on our lives.

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