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Pet Owners Oblivious To Obesity Epidemic – Vets Must Do More

A new report from market research firm Packaged Facts says that veterinarians should play a bigger role in their patient’s diet and weight as many pet owners are unaware of their pet’s potential obesity. A survey by the Association for Pet Obesity Prevention shows weight problems affect 60% of cats and 56% of dogs in the U.S and furthermore, only 19% of cat owners and 13% of dog owners consider their pets to be overweight.

[Editor note – this is a communication issue for vets if ever I saw one! Tune in to an upcoming webinar we’ll be running within the VetX communities on this very subject.]

Banfield Makes Suicide Prevention Training Free

Bandfield has launched its ASK program (Assess, Support, Know) free to veterinary professionals. This online resource aims to help vets identify and help those struggling with suicidal thoughts. 

The president of Banfield, Brian Garish said: “At Banfield, delivering high-quality preventive pet care is a top priority, but just as important is extending that same preventive care to our people. As a practice, we are proactively prioritizing mental health and well-being resources, such as ASK, because we take seriously our responsibility to create meaningful change and make a positive impact on society, today and tomorrow.”

The link to the program can be found here:

French Vet Students Treat Homeless Pets In Free Clinic

90 students from the veterinary school in Lyon have set up clinics in homeless shelters across the city. They are offering free veterinary care and treatment for pets belonging to homeless people, or those without the means to pay. Over 200 pets have been cared for by the students across the shelters.

Diversity And Good Workplaces High On BVA’s Agenda For 2020

In an interview with Veterinary Times, BVA president Daniella Dos Santos outlined some of her key points for the 2020 agenda. The main two were broadening access to the veterinary profession and also improving working environments for a happier workforce.

Other points on the agenda included: pushing for stronger regulation of pet travel, developing a new position on exotic pets, lobbying for a ban on primates kept as pets and publishing its latest position statement on bTB.

Dr Dos Santos said: “For me, veterinary diversity and a good workplace are two of my really big passion projects. I want to continue to champion the diversity of the people in our profession, encourage more diverse people in and highlight the diversity of the roles.

Calculating Animal Deaths In NSW Bushfires

As the fires continue to rage on in New South Wales, it’s estimated that around 480 million animals have been affected. However, these estimates have been conservative and some experts believe that the number is much higher than that. To calculate the impacts of land clearing on the state’s wildlife, the authors obtained estimates of mammal population density in NSW and then multiplied the density estimates by the areas of vegetation approved to be cleared. 

If you would like to donate to help you can follow this link or donate to another similar charity, we particualrly recommend supporting our veterinary colleagues, many of whom are treating, for free, the wildlife and facing these horrific injuries on a daily basis without any governmental support. To support these veterinary heros, visit and choose the veterinary benevolent fund.

How To Improve Memory: Just 10 Minutes Of Mindfulness Could Help Us To Remember More Information

Do you find yourself constantly forgetting important information, especially at work? New research has found that spending just 10 minutes practising mindfulness could help to solve that problem, giving your career a potential boost. Read through this article to see how!

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