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Pain Management Seminar In Beijing Provides Hope For Future Animal Welfare

A team from AnimalsAsia took a trip to Beijing to run a seminar on pain management for vets across China. AnimalsAsia believes that there is a sense of distrust in Chinese vets for western medicine and a misunderstanding of how pain manifests in animals.

Animals Asia’s Senior Veterinary Surgeon, Emily Drayton said: “While this conference did remind me that the path to change through education is slow and often frustrating, I am still hopeful that one day we will see a generation of vets in China proactively managing pain in their patients, and educating their clients about the necessity of pain management for improved welfare.”

Declawing Banned In St. Louis

Last Friday, St. Louis has become the tenth city in the US to ban the declawing of cats. This decision was made after a 21-1 vote was made, this ban is effective immediately.

The bill’s author, Alderwoman Christine Ingrassia said: “St. Louis is proud to have taken an important step towards joining the multitude of cities and states moving to ban this archaic procedure. The way we treat and care for our pets is indicative of the priorities we should set on behalf of all vulnerable populations in our community.”

Vetpartners And National Veterinary Care To Combine

Expected in April 2020, VetPartners is acquiring 100 per cent of the shares in National Veterinary Care (NVC) by way of a scheme of arrangement. This merger is going ahead in hopes of the two businesses combining to build a best-in-class veterinary practice offering. This merger will mean that they will share the 240 veterinary practices across Australia, New Zealand and Singapore. Until the merger goes ahead, the two business will operate as normal. 

Veterinary Professionals Estimate That Less Than 40 Percent Of Rabbits And Guinea Pigs Are Being Fed Correctly

Supreme Petfoods found in a recent survey with veterinary professionals that less than 40 per cent of rabbits and guinea pigs are being fed correctly by their owners. The cause of this is said to be a lack of owner knowledge about what food to give their pets. Veterinary professionals identified that small pets are often being overfed concentrate that is too low in fibre, are not eating enough hay and not being given the correct amount of fresh greens. This lack of adequate nutrition is leading to dental and obesity problems in both rabbits and guinea pigs.

Vetpartners UK Adds Another Italian Practice To Portfolio

After acquiring three Italian practices, VetPartners UK has added another Italian practice to its group. VetPartners further plans to add two more Italian practices to its portfolio in 2020. VetPartners believes by expanding its business to Italy, they will be able to bring a positive change to the country’s evolving veterinary profession.

7 ways to stay mindful over Christmas and New Year

Christmas and New Year is a great time to spend with family and friends however, it is also a stressful time for many. With presents to buy, people to see and food to prepare – it can get too much for many people. For others, who do not have family, it can be a time of intense loneliness. At VetX, whatever your circumstances, we want you to know that you matter, you are significant and we extend our warmest wishes and thoughts to you.

The link below is a useful set of tips to cope over any stressful period, but Christmas especially. Stay safe people.

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