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In today’s episode, I’m joined by Dr. Ivan Zak. Ivan began his career as an ER veterinarian in Canada where over many years he made two very important observations. First, that vet clinics are awash with unpredictable problems that cause chaos, and second, he hated having a boss. Thus the perfect conditions for innovation arose and the entrepreneur inside was unleashed.

Ivan is the creator of Smart Flow, a workflow optimization system for vet practices, subsequently acquired by Fortune 500 company IDEXX. Ivan is currently leading Veterinary Integration Solutions, a first-in-the-industry Consolidator Operating Platform. He just finished his MBA dissertation studying how Lean Thinking can help reduce burnout in veterinary organizations. 

A thesis where he’s taken the skills learned in software development and has applied them to the day to day operations of veterinary practices – outlining a strategy he believes may hold the key to reducing professional burnout.

Links to the report and to learn more about Ivan’s work:

Download the report 

Company link

Connect with Dr Ivan Zak on LinkedIn

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