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What Veterinary Professionals Should Include In An End-Of-Life Pet Plan

DVM360 interviewed Jenny Caissibry Fisher at ACVC 2019 about her strategies for preparing pet owners and their pets for an end-of-life plan. Jenny makes sure her clients keep an eye on their pets by evaluating them day-to-day and if they begin to do their favourite activities less and less. When the ‘bad days’ outweigh the ‘good days’ it is a good time to talk to a vet. She advises having a visual aid of noting down good days and bad days can help pet owners have a better understanding of what the best thing to do for their pet is.

You can watch the interview here

LIU To Offer DVM Program Next Autumn

Long Island University’s College of Veterinary Medicine will begin to accept students into its new DVM program in Autumn 2020. 400 applications will be accepted with 100 students graduating in each class. This will be the fourth university to offer veterinary education in the Northeast of the US.

Banfield To Launch Veterinary Technician Appointments

By the end of October, Banfield will launch credentialed veterinary technician appointments across almost 300 hospitals across the US. Banfield plans to conduct 30,000 technician appointments by the end of 2019. These services would include ear cleaning, vaccinations, heartworm tests and many more.

Respiratory Diseases Link With High Blood Pressure In Lungs

A team from the University of Missouri studied 47 dogs with pulmonary hypertension caused by respiratory disease found that identifying these diseases can lead to a healthier outcome on both animals and people, this is because there will be a clearer way of choosing a treatment and medication.

The full report can be read here

UK / European News

More Cases of Alabama Rot In UK

The number of cases of Alabama Rot in the UK has risen to 16 for 2019. The two latest reports of the deadly disease have come from Wiltshire and Gloucestershire. Since 2012 there have been 191 confirmed cases across the UK. David Walker, the UK’s leading expert on the disease has encouraged dog owners to visit this website if they suspect any symptoms in their pet.

BEVA Launches Welfare Case Toolkit

BEVA (British Equine Veterinary Association) have worked with RSPCA to launch a toolkit that provides a workflow, guides and welfare case forms to help equine veterinarians deal with welfare cases. It includes things like:

  • Letter of instruction
  • Section 18 of the Animal Welfare Act (2006) certificate
  • Witness details sheet
  • Witness statement form
  • RSPCA vet exam form
  • Guidance notes on how to complete a vet exam welfare case form

The toolkit can be downloaded here for BEVA members:

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