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Fitbit For Dogs Could Help Measure A Response To Treatment

Arlo Guthrie from was invited to review PitPat, a Fitbit-like device for dogs that measures their exercise levels throughout the day. He reports that this device could be useful for vet clinics to loan out to patients struggling with obesity or osteoarthritis to help get a better understanding and produce an exercise and diet plan. 

Myra Forster-van Hijfte FRCVS, one of PitPat’s non-executive directors said: “PitPat is useful in weight management clinics by improving owner engagement through the associated weight app. Encouraging exercise also provides the owner with a positive contribution to weight management. Monitoring activity pre- and post-treatment, for instance, dogs with osteoarthritis on NSAID’s, provides both vet and owner with an objective measure of whether treatment is effective or not.”

British Veterinary Association Launches Illegal Pet Import Guidance

Dogs Trust and the National Animal Health and Welfare Panel have helped the British Veterinary Association (BVA) produce an illegal pet import guide for vets to help them report any signs of animals that have been illegally imported. BVA president Daniella Dos Santos said: “Our flow chart and supporting guidance aim to empower vets to report any such cases, helping to tackle the scourge of illegal importation and protecting animal welfare, both of the imported dogs and the larger canine population in the UK.” This flow chart aims to make the process simple to follow and it can be downloaded here:

UK Small Animal Neutering Complication Rates Stable – VetAUDIT

VetAUDIT has released its findings for small animal neutering and the rates of complications for 2019. This was also the first year that neuter rates for rabbits were released. They found that across almost 40,000 cases of spays and castrations, 75% of these were complication-free. 

The study found that cats suffered fewer complications than dogs. And animals undergoing speys suffered a higher incidence of complications than those undergoing castration. Out of the sample of 40,000 animals, there were 35 fatalities. This year saw a 10% rise in neuter rates submitted by clinics. UK practices can anonymously submit their rates to this website:

FIP Treatment In The Works

A research team at the Colorado State University, funded by the Morris Animal Foundation are developing a vaccine for a virus (feline enteric coronavirus) that can lead to feline infectious peritonitis, a deadly and infectious disease in cats. Gregg Dean, DVM, PhD, head of the department of microbiology, immunology, and pathology at CSU’s College of Veterinary Medicine and Biomedical Sciences said: “For years, we have tried, unsuccessfully, to vaccinate against FIP, but we may have been targeting the wrong point in time. Our strategy now is to eliminate FECV, the mild-mannered Dr. Jekyll form, if you will, before it can become the deadly Mr. Hyde.”

2019 They Ate What?! People’s Choice Winners Revealed

Veterinary Practice News has announced the voters choice for the winner of the weirdest items removed from animals stomachs for 2019. With 34.2% of the vote, a heart-shaped charm swallowed by a peahen was declared the victor. Click the link below to see the runner ups and the x-rays. What is the weirdest thing you have found a pet has eaten in your clinic?

Trauma And Disease Ravage SEQ Koalas

A team from the University of Queensland have published their findings of the relationship between disease and mortality in South East Queensland koalas. This study was conducted on 500 dead koalas. They found that the leading cause of deaths was due to Chlamydia. They also found that koalas infected with the disease, would extremely underweight and difficult to rehabilitate and release back into the wild. Another big factor in mortality was trauma, usually caused by oncoming traffic. Dr Joerg Henning, a researcher on the team said: “Having data on what is killing and harming koalas will allow us to better understand what threats need to be controlled in order to improve population numbers in South East Queensland.”  

Guwahati Veterinary Students, Teachers Hold Candlelight March To Protest Telangana Vet’s Rape & Murder

Several hundreds of students and teachers of the Guwahati College of Veterinary Science held a candlelit march in protest of the brutal rape and murder of a Telangana veterinarian. They demanded an immediate punishment for those guilty and want the Indian government to pass a law that would put an end to these horrific crimes.

Rimshi Mahanta, a student at the veterinary college said: “We want justice and the punishment system should be so strict that nobody would even dare to commit the crime. What happened to the Telangana doctor should not happen again if our judicial system is made more powerful. This is not a march for condolence, this march is also for the system”

Good Night’s Sleep More Important Than A Pay Rise In Making You Happy, Says Study

Research has shown that sleeping well has more of an effect on wellbeing than a pay rise does. This research was done via a questionnaire sent to thousands of people across the UK. The answers were analysed and marked with a score of 100 (with 100 being high wellbeing). It showed that sleeping better increased a person’s score by 3.8 whereas a payrise increased it by just 0.5. For the average person, improving sleep to the level of someone at the top of the index would be equivalent to them having over four times as much disposable income. 

Have you thought about how much sleep you are getting each night? It’s clear that it has a huge impact on your life.

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