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Vet Scandal: £1.25M Settlement and Apology to DAERA Employee 

Veterinarian, Dr. Tamara Bronchaers has been paid a £1.25milion settlement and offered an apology over a constructive dismissal case. 

Dr. Tamara Bronckaers who worked for the Department of Agriculture, Environment & Rural Affairs believes the system is “being abused to allow an industry set of rules” at the expense of animal welfare.

“I strongly believed the Department was failing in its duty to protect animal welfare and therefore I couldn’t continue doing a job that I wasn’t being allowed to carry out ethically,” Dr. Tamara said.

Dr. Tamara reported she won’t feel she has ‘won’ until livestock suffering and traceability issues are no longer ignored.

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Diversity and Well-being At the Forefront of 2022 AVMA Convention

Diversity and well-being are set to be at the forefront of the upcoming American Veterinary Medical Association (AVMA) convention. The convention, which is set to happen from July 29th – to August 2nd, marks the return of in-person events across the USA. 

In order to highlight the importance of diversity and wellbeing in veterinary medicine, the sessions focussing on diversity, equity and inclusion (DEI) and wellbeing will be able to be streamed online. 

“With AVMA having a strong focus on DEI and well-being, the Convention and Meeting Planning Division looked for ways to provide the optimal opportunity to showcase quality CE to our attendees in these areas,” said Michael Wilson, the director of the Convention and Meeting Planning Division.

The convention will be held at the Pennsylvania Convention Center,

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The Worldwide Veterinary Software Industry is Expected to Reach $919.2m by 2027

The Global Veterinary Software Market (which helps veterinary and equine practices, hospitals, and clinics to run smoothly) is expected to reach $919.2 million by 2027. 

Veterinary software can be used on a web or mobile device and helps veterinary practice management keep track of everything. 

The growth is due to the increasing number of pet owners in recent years, which is expected to continue in the years to come. The growth has also been supported by the advent of cloud and web-based models. Both web and cloud-based software have gained popularity within the veterinary industry due to their reduced cost, storage flexibility, and automated up-gradation.

The software is expected to continue rising at a market growth of 9.4% CAGR during the next five years.

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PETstock Assist donates $30,000 to ACT Pet Crisis Support

To celebrate World Veterinary Day (which took place on April 30th), Petstock Assist has announced it will be donating $30,000 to ACT Pet Crisis Support – a non-profit organization in Canberra, which assists pets in the community by providing subsidized veterinary care for disadvantaged, low-income pet owners.

Donating $30,000 will assist ACT Pet Crisis Support in the opening of their new mobile vet clinic which aims to support low-income pet owners and disadvantaged members of the pet community across Canberra and local regions allowing them to receive greater access to lifesaving veterinary care.

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Simple Swaps to Improve Your Wellness 

As we all know, being a veterinary professional can be busy, so finding the time to stop and practice the ‘wellness’ that we all know we need, can seem more like a chore. 

So what are some easy swaps to make to get you on the road to wellness?

  1. Start your day right: It’s so easy to reach for your phone in the morning and scroll through social media or catch up on the news. However, checking your phone creates immediate external stimuli as you’re being bombarded with messages, emails, and to-dos, which often creates a feeling of stress and anxiety. Instead of opting for screentime, pick an activity that will help your mind relax, such as reading a book or meditating. 
  2. Don’t sit down: This may sound like an odd tip, and of course, after some long draining days it isn’t always possible. However, when it is possible, don’t sit down when you arrive home from work! Instead, keep going and carry out the activities you aimed to do for the evening. Sitting down can make it much harder to start again and can procrastinate the plans you had outlined. Whilst rest is essential, it’s also important to carry out other activities. Life needs fun, too.
  3. Trade a 30-minute episode for a 30-minute walk: It’s so easy to get wrapped up in a TV show or ‘Netflix Binge’. However, opting for a 30-minute walk rather than a 30-minute episode can help get the body moving, create headspace, and help motivate you to get out in nature.

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