The Veterinary Employment, Engagement and Retention Survey

Do you want to be part of a positive change in veterinary medicine?

Take part in our landmark survey, VEER, where we'll be looking into the experiences of veterinary professionals to assess the key drivers of career happiness, stress, and mental wellbeing.

The study findings will be published and presented to industry stakeholders from education to employment and beyond so they can make better decisions for the wellbeing of those that work in veterinary medicine.

It’s time to change veterinary medicine for the better, and we need your help.

Three Reasons Why You Should Take Part:

Make The Veterinary Profession More Sustainable For All

We’ll be publishing the results of the survey and make it available for everyone, including key stakeholders within the profession, so they can make better decisions based on good quality evidence (not just anecdotes).

Win Big!

Each week the survey is open we’ll be giving away one $50 Amazon voucher, ten Starbucks gift cards, and five digital copies of Dr Dave Nicol’s book, ‘So You’re A Vet… Now What?’.

Your Own Advanced Copy

You’ll receive an advanced copy of the published report that you can use to sculpt your own future in veterinary medicine.