Thrive is a veterinary skills course that teaches vets the essential non-clinical skills they need for a successful career in practice.

With access to online training, toolkits, live coaching and a global community; this veterinary skills course gives you everything you need to build a happy and healthy career.

Accredited high-impact continuing education

Success based toolkits to ensure results

Peer and mentor support


Is this you?

Do you feel like University did not teach you everything you need to enjoy your career.

Our Thrive Program in Detail

As a member of the Thrive community, you will benefit from learning the professional skills (the non-clinical ones!) required to operate in the real world. You’ll also gain access to tools, worksheets and exercises to help build your confidence, resilience and tenacity (the magic threesome that is required to master this job). Finally, you’ll have access to the most caring, and experienced mentors in the world of veterinary medicine. People who genuinely care about you and the future of the profession.

When you combine these elements and do the work, your career is going to change rapidly for the better. You’ll become more fulfilled, you’ll master your craft faster and you’ll be worth more to your practice (aka your salary will improve

What you actually get?

Full access to the entire program for 12 months

Find your path, make a plan and don’t let FEAR stop you.

Beat your inner imposter, build resilience and avoid burnout.

Manage time so you can get the job done, have breaks and go home on time.

Build amazing relationships, help pets and never worry about cost of care.

Ego is our enemy, learn how to manage your own ego.

High EQ correlates with great career outcomes. Learn how to boost yours.

The ability to maintain a positve state of mind is essential to a long career.

You will not always get what you deserve, you’ll get what you negotiate.

Pay down your debt and build wealth faster with strategies from our money masters.

Leadership is for everyone in practice, not just the boss. Learn the basics here.

The job you choose will make or break your early career. Choose wisely with these tips.

Is personal branding something you should embrace? And if so, how?

veterinary skills course

Who are the instructors?

Your Thrive instructors, headed up by Dr Dave Nicol, are all hand-picked for their knowledge, coaching experience and caring attitude. Each mentor has deep life experience and many years of working happily as a vet under their belt.

Dr Shibly Mustapha

Australia Timezone

There's a fast way & slow way to get where you want to be. Drawing on the experience of other successful people is one of the fast ways

Dr. Gary Marshall

USA Timezone

My favorite quote is by Svetlana Erada and it goes like this: ‘If it’s both terrifying and amazing, you should definitely pursue it!

Dr Dave Nicol

European Mentor

The world is never going to change just because you think it should. You are the change, so become what you want the world to be a bit more like.

Real Testimonials From Our Members

Kornelija Lukoševičiūtė
Vet, UK

I’d been practicing but I had worked out that the challenges in practice weren’t so much about if you could diagnose condition x or y. It was much more about the people. VetX:Thrive was the place I could go to learn all of those things under one roof.

Dr Zach Lederhose, Australia

The modules I’ve done have so far helped me to refocus my life, not just for my career. I’ve started a gratitude diary to remind me that there’s always at least 3 good things in every day and I’m working towards SMART goals.

Dr Beth Deane
Vet, Australia

Dr Michael Fontano
Vet, USA

I have loved every learning opportunity with VetX:Thrive. Each area we have covered has taught me something new I can carry confidently to incorporate at work

Dr Charlotte Dawson
Vet, UK

I now feel much more relaxed and confident that I am getting the basics right and am a better clinician and colleague than I would have been without this support

Dr Helen O'Kelly
Vet, UK

I attended my first mentoring session and received some good advice that I should be taking care of myself and eating lunch at sensible times. Since then I’ve worked hard to take time out each day to eat and switch my brain off; it’s already starting to make my afternoons feel a bit less onerous and me a bit less stressed.

Dr Spon Ter
Vet, UK


You’ve found your tribe if you want to learn the skills and have the mentors to help you to have a happy, healthy veterinary career.