We really want you to succeed whether you are a vet or a practice manager, the truth is we are all part of the same team! Over the years we’ve created a range of support resources for you depending on whether you are aiming to have a great clinical career or run a great practice. On this page, we’ve pulled them all together in one place for the first time

Webinar: Saving Veterinary Medicine – One Proven Leadership Action At A Time!

In this presentation, practice management expert Dr Dave Nicol will make the case for decisive leadership and reveal the four most effective actions that leaders of veterinary teams must take in order to build sustainable practices for all, and pull back from the abyss.

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Report: Leadership Actions and Their Effects on Veterinary Practice Culture

We asked 94 veterinary leaders about how their directive ability impacted their practices’ culture. The results may change everything you think about leadership…

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Veterinary Business Success Group

This group is for veterinary leaders who are ready to step up their game and lead their practice successfully! In this group you will find engaging, relevant content and a community to support your mission of becoming a leader of a successful veterinary business. Be prepared to share your ideas,…

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How to Run a Successful Veterinary Practice Without all the Drama

If you are a practice owner, manager or team leader who is ready to harness the potential of your practice, this masterclass is for you. In this FREE webinar, Dr Dave Nicol will take you through three of the BIGGEST mistakes to avoid as a veterinary leader, and how you…

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From the Expert’s Mouth

What are the pillars of veterinary leadership that EVERY leader should have nailed? According to our experts they are: values, trust, looking after your people, personal growth and putting finances into focus. Hear directly from the experts themselves as they discuss how you can apply each of these aspects to…

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The first section focuses on the practice owners and the second on the clinical teams. You’ll find downloadable content, webinars, ebooks and exclusive Facebook groups we have created to give you a helping hand. The best bit? They are all free to access. So dive in and put the tools to us with our blessing

Thrive Lite

Thrive Lite gives you a sneak preview of the full Thrive course – you can discover the professional skills you’ve been missing out on, with no strain on your bank account. If you’re a veterinarian looking to sharpen up your professional skills, you’re in the right place. Thrive Lite is…

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Veterinary Career Success Group

Whether you are just starting out, returning to your career after a break or feeling burned out, if you are a veterinarian interested in taking control of your career, this group is for you. You’ll find useful content, live Q&A sessions and a helpful community to support you on your…

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Career Success Roadmap

With the VetX Career Success Roadmap, you will learn how to fulfill your mission of helping animals and solving problems. This roadmap covers the seven-step framework to success, three fundamental mistakes to avoid, and some additional nuggets of career inspiration.

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4 Steps to a Happy and Successful Career as a Veterinarian Webinar

Veterinarians the world over are struggling to find their feet, enjoy their careers, and not burn out early. In this FREE webinar, Dr Dave Nicol will share practical advice on how you can change your circumstances in veterinary medicine and have a happier, healthier career – and avoid the common…

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So You’re a Vet… Now What?

If you’re anxious or nervous about your start in the veterinary industry, this book will serve as your guide in these early years. You’ll find as much relevant knowledge as vet and author Dr Dave Nicol thought would be useful at the beginning of your career. Quite literally stuff he…

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