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The Blunt Dissection podcast is the original veterinary podcast, where Dr Dave Nicol interviews some of the top minds in veterinary medicine.

In this podcast, the various subcultures of veterinary medicine (and beyond) are profiled and deconstructed. Learn firsthand exactly how these remarkable veterinary professionals have gotten ahead – and how they have overcome the challenges in their careers.

If you want to learn all about the habits and processes which veterinary professionals use to thrive in their careers – this is the place for you.

Sometimes funny, sometimes dark, but always entertaining – welcome to the hidden world of veterinary success.

Welcome to the Blunt Dissection podcast.

Listen now.

Latest Episodes

Ep 63: Rob Pope – Becoming Forrest – One Vet’s Epic Run Across America

In today’s episode of Blunt Dissection, we’re joined by the real-life Forrest Gump, Rob Pope.  Rob is best known for…

May 27, 2022

Ep 62: Dr Sarah Boston – Dedication, Improvization & Actualization

Listen on: Itunes | Spotify This month on Blunt Dissection, host Dr. Dave Nicol quizzes the wondrous mind of veterinarian, comedian, author, and…

April 29, 2022
Dr. Adam Christman

Ep 61: The Time of Your Life with Dr Adam Christman

Listen on: Itunes | Spotify | Soundcloud  On today’s show, I’m joined by vet, author, social media personality, and potentially…

February 28, 2022
andy roark

Ep 60: Stop, Start, Less, More with Dr. Andy Roark

Listen on: Soundcloud | Itunes | Spotify My first Blunt Dissection episode of the year kicks off with veterinarian, podcaster,…

January 27, 2022

Ep 59: A Slingshot Round Adversity – 2021 Highlights

Listen: Soundcloud | Itunes | Spotify Blunt Dissection · Ep 59: A Slingshot Round Adversity - 2021 Highlights If 2020 was the year that got…

December 23, 2021
Dr. Jade Statt

Ep 58: The Street Vet – Dr. Jade Statt

Listen: Soundcloud | Itunes | Spotify On today’s show, I’m joined by Dr. Jade Statt, cofounder of Street Vet a…

November 25, 2021
Liz Mossop

Ep 57: Prof Liz Mossop – Growing Tomorrow’s Vets

Listen on: Spotify | Itunes | Soundcloud In this episode of the Blunt Dissection podcast, Dr. Dave Nicol interviews veterinary…

October 27, 2021

Ep 56: Dr. Mandisa Greene- Inspiring Inclusivity and Diversity For All

Listen on: Spotify | Itunes | Soundcloud In today’s episode of The Blunt Dissection Show, our CEO and Founder Dr.…

October 7, 2021

Ep 55: Dr. Robin Downing- Analgesia For The Soul

Listen on: Itunes | Spotify | Soundcloud On today’s show I’m joined by the woman with potentially the new Blunt…

August 26, 2021
Dr Marty Becker

Ep 54: Dr. Marty Becker- Fighting For A Better Future For Pets & People

Soundcloud | Itunes | Spotify In today’s episode of Blunt Dissection, Dr. Dave Nicol is joined by America's Veterinarian, Dr.…

July 29, 2021