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Ep 152: What does it mean to be a good Mentee? with Dr. Moriah McCauley

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This week’s That Vet Life Show episode features Dr. Moriah McCauley as she shares her experiences with mentorship, as well as highlighting the characteristics of a good mentee.

Dr. Moriah McCauley combined her love of animals and passion for caring for others to become a small animal veterinarian. While pursuing her veterinary degree at the University of Edinburgh in Scotland, she was presented with the opportunity to study with some of the best veterinarians in the nation.

After realizing how valuable their tales were, she decided to share this value with her peers, which led her to entering the world of podcasts. She has since concentrated on the effects of storytelling in both client and patient outcomes, with her journey and stories having inspired veterinarians and veterinary students to be competent and self-assured.

Going into practice as a young veterinarian, it’s important to know what to expect from your mentors and what they will expect from you. Dr. McCauley describes the qualities of a good mentee, which were suggested by the veterinary community in an Instagram vote.


  • [01:16] Dr. Moriah begins the episode with a short introduction to the Mentor-Mentee relationship.
  • [02:15] Dr. McCauley dives into the most common common question regarding mentorship and its answers posted by the veterinarian community.
  • [03:53] We hear about the four important characteristics of a good mentee, suggested by the vet community.
  • [04:28] Dr. Moriah describes these characteristics while also explaining their importance through practical examples.
  • [06:42] What are the steps you need to take to prepare for practice?
  • [09:40] As a new veterinarian entering practice, how should you handle failure?
  • [10:33] A short ad break – join Thrive.
  • [11:40] We continue the episode by talking about the importance of having a growth mindset in overall development during a mentorship.
  • [15:05] Dr. Moriah explains how to respond to criticism.
  • [18:55] We explore mentorship from the perspective of the veterinary community, highlighting both its positive and negative aspects.
  • [21:23] What are the factors that lead to a negative mentorship experience?
  • [25:23] Dr. Moriah wraps the episode.

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