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Ep 21: ‘How’re You Feeling?’ Thoughts About Post-Pandemic Practice with Bash Halow

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In today’s episode of The Veterinary Business Success Show, Brendan Howard interviews one of the most charismatic speakers in the veterinary industry, certified veterinary practice manager, licensed veterinary technician, and veterinary business advisor, Bash Halow. 

Bash graduated from the College of William and Mary in 1987, before studying veterinary management at Purdue University Northwest. Since then he has built up 20 years of experience as a veterinary business advisor and practice manager. 

As a business advisor, Bash has helped dozens of veterinary hospitals build stronger teams and ethically grow their business through his company ‘Halow Consulting’ which Bash set up in 2010. Halow Consulting offers ‘affordable strategies to save money, improve revenue and build teams in your veterinary practice’. 

Alongside his work as an advisor and practice owner, Bash has made a name for himself in the veterinary industry through his frequent contributions to Veterinary Economics and DVM 360. He is also a well-recognized speaker in the veterinary circuit and has spoken at many conferences, including the annual VPMA Conference. He is a member of the American Animal Hospital Association, the PVMA, Veterinary Hospital Managers Association and the founder of the New Jersey Veterinary Hospital Management Association, and the Big Apple Veterinary Management Association.

To learn more about Bash, click here to listen to his episode on the Blunt Dissection podcast with Dr. Dave Nicol. 

In this episode, Bash and Brendan talk about absolutely everything, from quantitative easing to remote working. Listen today!

Outline of this episode:

  • [01:11] The episode begins with Bash introducing the episode, asking ‘how are you feeling’?
  • [04:58] Bash and Brendan talk about the growing trend of witchcraft among younger generations.
  • [05:52] Bash and Brendan discuss how people are communicating with fear, anger and anxiety at the moment. 
  • [07:57] Bash talks about quantitative easing and digital currency in both the world and the United States.
  • [12:45] What do we do when the whole world is worried? Bash talks about the science of wellbeing. 
  • [16:16] Ad break – joining our Leaders community. 
  • [17:25] The episode resumes with Brendan and Bash talking through if veterinary practices should take the quantum leap? 
  • [19:45] Will veterinary practices return to the ‘old way’ of working post-pandemic?
  • [23:00] Brendan and Bash discuss the divide in professions from remote working. 
  • [27:29] The episode comes to an end. 

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