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Ep 97: Dr. Sarah Vineyard is on a California Mission

Episode Details

In this episode of the Veterinary Career Success show, Dr. Dave talks to his old friend, Dr. Sarah Vineyard, about the lessons she’s learned as a practice owner in California. Dr. Vineyard has wanted to be a practice owner since she was 16 and has learnt, first-hand, how challenging (and rewarding!) practice ownership can be.

Want to learn more about practice ownership and leadership? If so, this podcast is for you.

If you are interested in the Veterinarian position currently being advertised at Dr. Vineyard’s practice as mentioned in this podcast, you can check that out here:…gCWbEx2nagq0bE

And if you have any questions for Dave feel free to fill out this form here:

Everyone who has their question answered will win a signed copy of Dr. Dave’s latest book, So You’re A Vet…Now What!

Be safe. Be well. Be happy.

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