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EP 73: Why generations fight in the veterinary practice with Chris DeSantis

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Welcome to another episode of the veterinary business success show. In this brand-new episode, we are joined by Chris DeSantis to discuss generational differences in workplaces. 

Chris DeSantis is an author, speaker, consultant, and podcast host based in Chicago. He is currently the principal of and podcast host of the Cubicle Confidential Podcast. He has previously worked as the Human Resource Development Manager at Brunswick Corporation, as Director of Management Development and Training at The America Medical Association, and as an Associate – Management Development at Arthur Andersen. 

Over the past fifteen years, he has been invited to speak on generational issues in the workplace at hundreds of the leading U.S. law and accounting firms, as well as many of the major insurance and pharma companies.

In this podcast episode, Brendan Howard interviews Chris DeSantis about generational differences in the workplace and how they affect leadership and management. DeSantis discusses the perception of generational differences and how they are more perceptual than actual. He also addresses the issue of “quiet quitting” and disengagement in the workplace, suggesting that employers need to focus on developing and engaging their employees. DeSantis emphasizes the importance of recognizing generational differences in the workplace but also acknowledges the need to be skeptical of overemphasizing these distinctions. He also suggests creating a database of everything anyone in a company is willing to teach another human being to encourage learning and development.

Click here for an extended version of this episode. Enjoy!

Episode Outline 

    • [00:00] Podcast Intro 
  • [02:07] Difference between perceptual and actual differences between generations 
  • [05:34] Work disengagement and quiet quitting 
  • [08:36] The importance of promises in building loyalty
  • [10:27] Differences between boomers, gen X, and millennials
  • [16:52] Understanding and Treating Young Employees as Individuals
  • [21:52] Embracing Lopsidedness and Sharing Failures
  • [23:11] Moving Away from the Great Man/Woman Theory of Leadership 
  • [25:14] Improving Performance Reviews for Younger Employees 
  • [28:49] Incentivizing Teams Instead of Individuals 
  • [31:22] Mentorship vs. Advisor Relationships 
  • [34:53] Engagement and Performance Measurement 
  • [38:45] Positive Aspects of Gen Z 


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