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Ep 69: Is Veterinary Social Work a Solution to Pet Owner Pain and Team Member Stress? with Janet Hoy-Gerlach

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Welcome to another episode of the Veterinary Business Success Show. Today we are joined by Janet Hoy-Gerlach to discuss the scope of veterinary social work and its relevance to the industry.

Janet Hoy-Gerlach is an Emotional Support Animal specialist helping individuals and families in need. With a deep understanding of therapy animals, she offers consultations and support in the selection, training, and certification of emotional support animals. Janet serves as a Professor of Social Work at The University of Toledo.

In this Episode, Janet explains in length and depth the meaning and scope of the work of a veterinary social worker. She also shares her vision of how veterinary social workers will be working and interacting with other veterinary practitioners in the future. As an expert in social work, she understands the boundaries between HR and Social work in Animal medicine, which she also excitedly discusses in the episode.

If you are a practice owner or a vet practitioner, listen to this episode to understand the immense value of veterinary social workers in the industry.

Episode Outline

[00:00] Episode intro.

[01:18] The episode starts with Janet explaining the work of a veterinary social worker.

[04:16] The differences between a veterinary therapist and a veterinary social worker.

[10:51] Janet explains the vision of how veterinary social workers may be interacting with other veterinary practitioners in the future.

[15:51] HR-like responsibilities of veterinary social workers.

[22:35] Is there any difficulty in balancing the employee’s and employer’s needs?

[24:38] How and where people can get information about veterinary social work?

[29:04] Ad Break- Learn more about our Leaders program

[31:34] The episode resumes with Janet explaining how practices can be managed without social workers.

[42:43] Janet and Brendon discuss how practices can improve pet grieving.

[46:44] Letting go of difficult situations.

[57:48] The episode wraps up.

[58:34] The end.

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