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Ep 69: Australian Vets Need Our Help!

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Bushfire season is always a sketchy time of year, the tinder-dry bush, full of high oil plants like eucalyptus make for a highly combustible mix. Add to that some of the worst droughts on record and you get the picture of why Australia seems like it’s ablaze.

This year, though, things are much worse. Much, much worse. The current fires cover a staggering landmass and dwarf the fires in California and the Amazon. The environmental and economic impact is hard to quantify, but it is estimated that millions and millions of animals lives have been lost. And that’s not to speak of the human cost as communities are displaced, homes destroyed and lives are lost.

In this episode of The Freewheelin’ Show, I talk to Aussie vet internet and TV stars Dr. Gerardo Poli and Dr. Alex Hynes for the lowdown on what’s going on now and how we can help.

Donation link to support veterinarians in Australia who are helping to care for these animals to the detriment of their practices…(and are in danger of being completely overlooked as funds flood into the wildlife and fire services) is – this is the Australian Veterinary Association. Select the benevolent fund and contribute what you can to help our colleagues down under stay in business and deal with the heartbreak of seeing this level of animal injury each day.

Thank you.

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