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Ep 65: Learning From Indies and Chains, What Comes Next For Vet Med, with Dr. Jeff Rothstein

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Welcome to another episode of the Veterinary Business Success Show. In this episode, our host Brendan Howard sits with Dr. Jeff Rothstein to discuss business ownership, management, and controlling employee expectations.

Dr. Jeff Rothstein is a DVM, MBA, speaker, author, and Co-founder and Co-president of Mission Veterinary Partners ( He bought his first veterinary practice within one year of graduating from veterinary school and from that built it into a multi-hospital network, The Progressive Pet Animal Hospitals (PPAH) which he merged into MVP in 2017. Dr. Rothstein has been a long-time contributing author to a number of practice management journals. He has served on the Advisory Boards of Veterinary Economics and Veterinary Practice News. He currently is on the Board of Directors of Mission Veterinary Partners and the Professional Animal Wellness Group (PAW).

In this episode, Dr. Jeff uses his invaluable experience to talk about a wide range of management issues among them how to attract talent and how to grow the employees and the business as a whole. He also talks about compensation and its effect on the employee and the business.

Episode Outline

  • [00:00] Episode Intro.
  • [01:17] Jeff talks about the recession and how it can affect staffing.
  • [05:34] Jeff explains how small businesses can build opportunities and compensation for employees.
  • [09:57] Jeff discusses his view on the concept of fewer hours and more money among employees.
  • [15:55] Ad Break- Our veterinary leadership program.
  • [17:11] Should hospitals be for everyone in the area- regardless of their social class?
  • [23:30] Jeff talks about pricing of services at veterinary hospitals.
  • [24:56] The episode wraps up.
  • [25:39] The episode concludes.

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