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Ep 64: Is It Time to Give Grooming Another Try in Your Hospital? With Helen Schaefer

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Our first ‘The Veterinary Business Success Show’ of 2023 kicks off with a distinguished animal master groomer from Philadelphia, Helen Schaefer.

Helen J Schaefer, NCMG CCE is a top-ranked competitive groomer, industry speaker, and educator.

In the competition ring, she specializes in American Cockers, Kerry Blue Terriers, Bichons, and poodles, especially in the European Secondary Trim. Whereas in the salon, she is best known for gentle cat grooming techniques, hand stripping of harsh coated dogs, Terrier grooming, and personality trims!

Helen has been nominated for multiple Barkleigh Honors for both her educational speaking engagements as well her content creation.

Most Notably She is a multiple-time Nominee for the Brian Stoppa Congeniality and Spirit award, named after the late Brian Stoppa this award is to honor those that embody the spirit of kindness and inclusiveness in the grooming community. She was the recipient of the Up and Coming Speaker of the Year in 2020. She was again nominated in 2021 for the Speaker of the Year award, as well as the Groomer of the Year Nominee.

In this episode, Helen and Brendan discuss the significance of animal grooming and why effective communication between groomers, vets, and pet owners is important.

Podcast Outline

  • [00:00] Episode Intro
  • [01:08] Helen explains how one can become a master groomer.
  • [04:17] Helen describes the breed standards for groomers.
  • [07:55] What are the most grooming points that bring disappointments between groomers and pet owners?
  • [09:43] Helen explains how often she offers her services to her clients.
  • [12:30] Helen speaks about her relationship with freelance vet workers in her present and previous places of work.
  • [14:28] Ad break- Our veterinary leadership program
  • [15:47] The episode resumes with Brendan and Helen talking about miscommunication between groomers and vets.
  • [16:27] Helen explains the problem when clients want either undergrooming or overgrooming of their pets.
  • [19:02] How often do you get complaints from grooming clients that complain about the frequency and cost of the services?
  • [21:23] Handling animals when grooming them.
  • [23:40] Helen describes an age group of animals and clients that is difficult to handle.
  • [27:44] How often do you fire clients and what are some of the offenses that you can’t stand?
  • [30:14] The episode wraps up.

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