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Ep 62: Do Payment Plans Make Good Sense? with Aimee St. Arnaud and Heather Cammisa

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Welcome to another episode of the Veterinary Business Success Show. In this episode, our host Brendan Howard is joined by Aimee St. Arnaud and Heather Cammisa to discuss payment plans and their impact on the client. 

Aimee St. Arnaud is a veterinary practice owner of The Open-Door Veterinary Care and Community Pet Care Clinic. She has previously served as the Director of Programs at ASPCA and as the Director of National Veterinary Outreach Programs at Best Friends Animal Society. 

Heather Cammisa is an Economist by profession and currently serves as the Chief Enterprise Officer at Open-Door Veterinary Collective. She is also the Principal of Adisa LLC and previously served as the President and CEO of St. Hubert’s Animal Welfare Center. 

Listen in as Aimee and Heather explain the results of the research they recently conducted on payment plans. 

Episode Outline

  • [00:00] Episode Intro
  • [01:08] How do a non-profit Advocate and an economist wind up studying for-profit ways for veterinary hospitals to make money?
  • [03:17] Aimee and Heather describe the Veterinary Collective project and the types of research they conduct.
  • [04:41] Does your work at Veterinary Collective bring or create conflict between non-profit and for-profit hospitals in the area?
  • [06:18] Heather explains the principles for Open Door and the payment plan research conducted by the veterinary Collective.
  • [09:35] Pet insurance as a payment plan.
  • [10:21] Aimee discusses additional results found from data collected during the research.
  • [16:32] Effect of the payment multiplier introduced in the paper.
  • [18:34] Ad break – Our veterinary leadership program
  • [19:51] The episode resumes with Brendan and Heather discussing how veterinary clinic teams are also affected by the clients’ inability to afford care.
  • [23:49] Aimee discusses how the trial of other payment plans at hospitals turned out.
  • [27:13] How does the payment plan handle rare animals and medical issues?
  • [30:43] Have you experienced difficult people refusing to pay even after accepting the payment plan? How do you deal with the situation?
  • [34:34] Brendan wraps up the episode.


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