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Ep 61: How to Become More Emotionally Intelligent, with Dr Olivia Oginska

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In today’s episode of the Veterinary Business Success Show, Brendan Howard is Joined by Dr Olivia Oginska to discuss the fundamentals of emotional intelligence and its importance to team relations and the organization at large. 

Dr Olivia Oginska is a veterinarian, speaker, positive psychology coach, certified workplace conflict mediator and emotional intelligence specialist. She has been immersed in the global veterinary community since 2010. In 2016, she went on to graduate as a veterinarian from the university of Poland, before pursuing a veterinary career in the UK. This is where Dr Olivia gained experience and credentials in positive psychology, emotional intelligence and conflict mediation so that her passion for human well-being and interpersonal dynamics could be fully developed. 

For the last 3 years, Dr Olivia has devoted her veterinary career to supporting both individuals and the veterinary teams (especially leaders) in becoming more human-savvy, focusing on helping veterinary hospitals to turn into places where everyone’s humanity and dignity are embraced and cherished, regardless of one’s background or identity.

Listen in as Brendan and Dr Olivia discuss the importance of emotional intelligence, as well as its principles and fundamentals.

Podcast Outline

  • [00:00] Episode intro
  • [00:12] The episode starts with Brendan Howard asking Dr Olivia Oginska if she often gets people questioning the importance of emotional intelligence and agility.
  • [02:39] Dr Olivia explains why she chose to study psychology.
  • [06:08] The development of emotional intelligence in human development.
  • [09:14] How to deal with two groups that have two different levels of expectations and emotional intelligence levels.
  • [11:52] Ad break – Our veterinary leadership program.
  • [13:04] Example of two conflicting sides.
  • [16:54] Dr Olivia and Brendan discuss the disrespect between people of different hierarchy positions.
  • [19:58] The principles and fundamentals of emotional intelligence.
  • [23:58] Does pausing before reacting work?
  • [26:40] Can emotional intelligence lead to manipulation? 
  • [29:00] Episode outro – Our veterinary leadership program
  • [29:43] The end

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