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Ep 60: Stop, Start, Less, More with Dr. Andy Roark

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My first Blunt Dissection episode of the year kicks off with veterinarian, podcaster, international speaker, author, media personality, founder of the Uncharted Veterinary Conference, and of course good friend, Dr. Andy Roark.

Dr. Andy graduated as a veterinarian from the University of Florida in 2008 and since then has been changing the pathway of veterinary medicine through his many outlets and talents. Over the past 10 years, Andy has poured himself into life as a veterinarian, as well as being an award-winning columnist for DVM360, a veterinary speaker for Dr. ‘a veterinary social hub’, and most recently he founded Uncharted Veterinary Conference – a veterinary medicine’s premier business and career development community – with the goal to help veterinarians thrive and avoid practice drama and burnout.

I first interviewed Dr. Andy for the Blunt Dissection four years ago, but couldn’t resist having him back on and quizzing his strategic brain. This episode was slightly different from the usual Blunt Dissection episodes, rather than diving into Andy’s pathway into veterinary medicine and his life (as I normally do in Blunt Dissection), this episode offered an insight into the issues we face in veterinary medicine and Dr. Andy’s viewpoint on them.

We tackle a range of hugely important issues through a strategic framework where we asked four questions.

What should we stop doing? What should we start doing? What should we do more of? And what should we do less of? There’s a lot of insight that arose. I hope you enjoy it as much as I did. Let’s get stuck in…

Outline of this episode:

  • [02:40] The episode begins with Dr. Dave introducing Dr. Andy to the podcast and the two riffing off each other. 
  • [06:35] Dave asks Andy what stuff should we reduce doing in veterinary medicine, what do we want to do above the standard we currently operate at, what in veterinary medicine should we stop doing altogether and what factors do we need to create?
  • [12:55] Where on the trust scale are we now as veterinary professionals?
  • [19:05] Is corporate consolidation something we need to stop?
  • [20:02] How do we reflect values into virtues, and how can we reflect this into our mission plans?
  • [24:25] What should we stop and start doing to reduce burnout? Dave and Andy discuss the ‘PERMA’ model. 
  • [31:58] Are we as veterinary professionals being set up to fail?
  • [36:20] Dave and Andy discuss Dr. James Herriot’s book ‘All Creatures Great and Small’ and how corporate medicine has changed veterinary medicine potentially for the better. 
  • [41:20] In veterinary medicine do we need to stop celebrating the suffering culture?
  • [43:49] Is vet med really a calling? Why should we stop saying this?
  • [48:45] How do we change the economics of veterinary medicine?
  • [55:12] Dave asks Andy if he has any examples of people or places he thinks are doing great in veterinary medicine that we should use as exemplars? 
  • [59:52] Dr. Dave asks Dr. Andy what he would stop and start doing at his practice if he could tomorrow? 
  • [1:01:59] Dave and Andy discuss how consumers are more likely to price shop now and how this impacts businesses.
  • [1:08:37] Is Dr. Andy optimistic about the future? 
  • [1:10:30] Dave thanks Andy for coming on the show and asks Andry where we can find him! The episode comes to an end. 

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