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Ep 60: Putting Positive Psychology to Work, with Lisa Sansom

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In this week’s episode of the Veterinary Business Success Show, Brendan Howard is joined by Lisa Sansom to discuss positive psychology and its effect on the efficiency of individuals and teams as a whole. We hear the importance of positive psychology and how to form habits that lead to it. 

Lisa Sansom is a researcher, coach, speaker, corporate trainer, and psychology consultant based in Ontario, Canada. She has a Master of Applied Positive Psychology from The University of Pennsylvania and is the founder of LVS –  a Consulting firm that offers professional coaching services in Leadership, Interpersonal Communications, Change Management, Team Dynamics, and other areas of Organizational Effectiveness.

With her Masters of Applied Positive Psychology qualification, 15+ years of experience in leadership development and organizational development, and her PCC coaching certification, Lisa is a highly-rated speaker, trainer, coach, and consultant for organizations around the world.

Listen in as the duo analyze common life patterns of veterinary practitioners, from the time of schooling to becoming full practitioners, as well as their psychological impact. 

Episode Outline

  • [00:00] Episode Intro
  • [01:17] The episode starts with Lisa giving a description of Positive Psychology and how people perceive it.
  • [04:10] What is it like to live in a low psychology scale of -1 to -3?
  • [07:52] What positive psychology questions should people experiencing fatigue should ask themselves before quitting their jobs?
  • [11:04] How can people change into good lifestyle habits such as exercising and eating well?
  • [17:41] Ad break – Our veterinary leadership program
  • [19:00] The episode resumes with Brendan asking Lisa to explain how people feel when the process of forming new habits fails.
  • [25:34] Personal boundaries and their effects on team relation
  • [30:22] Lisa explains how a team can discuss issues and set out rules that guide them.
  • [33:43] Episode outro.
  • [34:23] The end.

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