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Ep 58: Before the veterinarian quits, what about mediation? With Christina Wojtowicz

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Welcome to another episode of the Veterinary Business Success Show. In today’s episode, Brendan Howard is joined by Christina Wojtowicz – a decorated attorney and mediator. Brendan and Christina talk about conflicts among staff in veterinary clinics and the professional ways of resolving such conflicts.

Christina has worked as a law enforcement officer investigating animal cruelty, working at horse boarding/training facilities, a large veterinary university/school, and as an adjunct professor teaching courses in animals and the law.

In 2010, Christina opened Worcester County Mediation which is a mediation center that focuses solely on mediation.

She covers the United States, offering virtual in-house mediation veterinary hospitals, veterinary universities, specialty veterinary clinics, veterinary clinics, animal shelters, horse facilities, kennels, and other facilities and businesses. She is known for her trustworthiness, approachability, perceptiveness, dedication, and impartiality.

Listen in as they discuss mediation, creating solutions, and resolving conflicts.

Podcast Outline

  • [00:00] Podcast intro
  • [01:14] How did Christina start her career in veterinary hospitals and mediation?
  • [03:55] Christina describes her history as an animal cop back when she was starting her career.
  • [07:47] What is mediation in the veterinary scope and how does it differ from other fields?
  • [10:22] Christina talks about getting responses from workers through online surveys.
  • [13:45] Getting solutions from the staff.
  • [15:00] We hear examples of conflicts that may require the intervention of a mediator.
  • [16:51] Ad break – Our veterinary leadership program
  • [18:04] The episode resumes with Brendan asking Christina to explain who should raise the alarm when a member of staff has emotionally detached themselves from the team.
  • [23:06] Christina explains how she finds a middle ground during the mediation exercise.
  • [26:34] Brendan asks Christina to explain how she manages situations where people vent accumulated past events during mediation.
  • [29:05] Discussing the relevance of technological platforms such as zoom and google meet in resolving issues among staff members
  • [31:06] Christina reveals the one thing conflicting workers should do to resolve their conflicts, even if they won’t involve a mediator.
  • [34:07] Episode outro.
  • [34:49] The end.

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