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Ep 54: Better Client Communication for Your Vet Techs, with Jordan Porter

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Welcome to another episode of the Veterinary Business Success Show. In this episode, Brendan Howard is joined by Jordan Porter to discuss the importance of two things: excellent communication, and relaying information to pet parents before any tests and procedures are conducted.

In 2008, Jordan graduated from the Veterinary Technician Institute at Bradford School in Columbus, Ohio with an associate degree in veterinary technology. She currently serves in three different organizations, serving at the Internal Medicine for Pet Parents as a Veterinary Technician Specialist, as well as at Savannah Veterinary Internal Medicine & Intensive Care as a Vet Tech Specialist, and at Fuzzy where she is a Veterinary Support Specialist. 

Join us as Jordan talks about the relevance of issuing relevant information to pet parents. We discuss how it’s important to communicate clearly, as it allows pet parents to know what to expect from their veterinarians and most importantly, know the possible outcomes of the conducted medical test or procedures. 


  • [00:00] Episode Introduction.
  • [01:28] Jordan Porter talks about her work-from-home routine.
  • [04:00] Jordan and Brendan talk about the interdependence between Doctors and Vet Techs at clinics.
  • [06:11] What things do you look for to improve communication with your clients?
  • [08:45] Jordan talks about how she plans her questions when communicating with a pet parent.
  • [09:48] How to train new staff on good digital etiquette skills
  • [12:15] Why it is good to prepare clients on what to expect when they physically visit a vet clinic?
  • [17:04] The influence of time on the quality of information issued to pet parents.
  • [18:54] Ad break – Our veterinary leadership program.
  • [20:00] Brendan and Jordan discuss communicating tests and medical procedures with pet parents in physical clinics.
  • [26:15] Jordan talks about her relationship, as a vet Tech, with doctors. 
  • [30:21] Brendan and Jordan discuss the importance of good and authentic communication between pet parents and doctors.
  • [33:38] The end.

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