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Ep 5: Anti-Leadership – Are You The Villain Of Your Practice?

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It can be easy to point the finger at others when things go wrong – but what if the problem isn’t them, but you?

Anti-leadership is what happens when leaders don’t have the skills to manage their teams effectively. Many anti-leaders are oblivious to their affliction, and inadvertently become the antagonist of their own stories, causing management mayhem for those around them.

But how do you know if YOU’RE an anti-leader?

In this episode of the Veterinary Business Success Show, I cover:

1- What is ‘anti-leadership’? 00:27
2- What are the characteristics of an ‘anti-leader’? 02:16
3- Are leaders born or made? 05:43
4- How can you tell if you’re an ‘anti-leader’? 10:08
5- What if I am an ‘anti-leader’? 11:56

I answer all your anti-leadership questions and show you how to transform from a leadership villain to a hero.

Have you ever inadvertently been an anti-leader? Let me know in the comments, alongside how you have grown since then.

Check out the video here:

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