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Ep 46: We Honour National Mental Health Awareness Week

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We all know about the mental health concerns within the veterinary workplace mental health and, in particular, the darker side of this where suicide seems like a perfectly normal option for someone suffering. It’s a dark place to end up.

So as part of the UK National mental health week… (and frankly wherever you are on the planet, it doesn’t hurt to hear about it again), I hope you can take something from the following three resources.

The first is an episode of the Blunt Dissection Podcast where I interview a suicide survivor and a psychologist about the topic. I know from feedback that this episode has helped, even saved people who listened.

Bluntdissection โ€“ Blunt-dissection-ep-7-lets-talk-about-veterinary-suicide

The second is a super impactful blog/resource guide from one of my own role models, Mr. Tim Ferriss. (Thanks Tim, you are a legend.)

And finally, if you are a team leader, then Dr. Sheliah Robertson (Callsign Dr. Awesome), put me onto the QPR courses for mental health first aid.

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