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Ep 46: The Importance of Digital Marketing, with Kyle Klement

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Marketing is a common practice in most veterinary businesses. However, the majority of veterinary businesses are yet to fully take advantage of digital marketing. In this episode, our host, Brendan Howard, sits with Kyle Klement to discuss key points managers and owners of veterinary practices need to know so as to maximize the full potential of digital marketing. 

Kyle Klement is a specialist in Digital Marketing Strategy, Business Development, Team Leadership, Prospecting, Networking, and Helping Business Owners. He is the CEO and co-founder of The VET Marketing Firm and has previously served as the president of Klemtek Media and as the Vice President of SSD. 

In this episode, Kyle Klement discusses the importance of digital marketing and how the veterinary business can gain from it. He also talks about review algorithms and how businesses can get authentic reviews from clients. 

Episode Outline

  • [00:00] Episode Intro 
  • [01:38] Why do we have to worry about marketing and advertising right now? 
  • [02:30] Kyle Klement explains the importance of marketing for getting and retaining top talent at the company.
  • [05:00] What are the things that veterinary business owners/managers should pay attention to even when they are busy?
  • [07:50] Importance of reviews in digital marketing.
  • [10:50] How to get the reviews with relevant keywords from clients.
  • [13:22] How Kyle Klement drives authentic reviews from clients.
  • [17:13] Ad break. Learn more about the Veterinary leadership program 
  • [18:45] Brendan asks, how often do you get people who already know the reason as to why they need to market their veterinary business more and how often do you educate people on the importance of reviews?
  • [22:36] How to track marketing progress.
  • [24:58] Elements to look at when assessing marketing success.
  • [30: 19] Kyle explains how people should best invest in marketing practices.
  • [33:50] Kyle and Brendan talk about paid ads.
  • [34:33] Episode outro.
  • [35:33] The end.

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