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Ep 44: Where Are You Trying To Get To? Can I Help?

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Today Dr. Dave asks a question of you, ‘Where Are You Trying To Get To? Can I Help?’ He shares four ‘impact stories’ from the VetX: Thrive Community, and speaks about how VetX: Thrive can help you.

We have so many amazing success stories from our community, one of which comes from one of our European members who is still a student, in her 4th year.

She joined VetX: Thrive as she wanted to become part of a network of like-minded people that she could get to know, learn new skills from, and build her confidence. She has been on an incredible journey with us, and from being a timid person, lacking in self-confidence she has gone from strength to strength and found herself a specialist placement (still as a student).

She has done so well at that placement, that they have now offered to support her with a scholarship for the last 1 – 2 years of university, and join them for an internship for a year! To see the growth of this person through VetX: Thrive has been phenomenal. Maybe this time next year we could be telling your story?

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