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Ep 44: Dr. BJ Miller- Embracing our mortality for a better shot at life

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On today’s show, I’m joined by Dr. BJ Miller. BJ is a practicing hospice and palliative medicine physician in San Fransico, an author, and speaker, best known for his TED Talk, ‘What Really Matters at the End of Life’. He has been on the teaching faculty at UCSF School of Medicine since 2007 and sees patients and caregivers through his online palliative care service, Mettle Health.

He is the subject of Netflix’s Academy Award-nominated short documentary, End Game, and his book for approaching the end of life, A Beginner’s Guide to the End, was co-authored with Shoshana Berger and published in 2019.

He’s also a triple amputee who suffered a horrific injury resulting in the loss of both legs and his left arm when he was an undergrad at Princeton. To many, this would have been calamitous. To BJ, it became a transformative moment of deep pain he harnessed to find purpose.

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…back to the show.

This interview ranks as a huge personal highlight, and it could be so for all manner of reasons. BJs inspirational story of overcoming incredible adversity. His dedication to a career; making a massive difference. Or his utterly genuine and radiant personality. But in my case, it’s because of a single line he shared in his interview with Tim Ferriss. One that shaped my view of patient and client care forever…. to learn more, listen on.

In the interview, we cover a great many topics, but in particular death, mortality, and by unbreakable association, life itself. While some of the topics were confronting, it was both a comfort and pleasure to have BJ as my guide. I hope you enjoy this uplifting conversation with the wonderful BJ Miller as he illuminates some of the darker places we fear to tread.

BJ’s Book:…781501157219

BJs Ted Talk:…_at_the_end_of_life

BJs Endwell Project:

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