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Ep 41: Why Is CE So Old-Fashioned? With Dr. Liz Barton

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In today’s episode of The Veterinary Business Success Show, Brendan Howard is joined by Dr. Liz Barton to discuss how Micro-Learning can improve knowledge gain and retention in the veterinary field and beyond. 

Liz has a Master’s Degree in Veterinary Medicine from the University of Cambridge and has more than 15 years of experience in the field. She has previously served as a Veterinary Surgeon at Frame, Swift, and Partners; a Veterinary Surgeon at The Cromwell veterinary group limited; Director at CIC; and currently serves as the Head of Communications at VetCt and the Co-Founder of WellVet. 

In this episode, Liz articulates her findings from the white paper she published. She compares the traditional model of learning to the modern way. According to her, the modern model of learning allows people to gain and retain more knowledge compared to the former. She breaks down the model into three forms- on-job learning, social interaction, and educational events. 

Listen in to learn more about Dr. Liz Barton’s ideas and how they can improve your vet practice.

Episode Outline

  • [00:00] Intro 
  • [01:03] Brendan asks ‘What was your education like before you started this paper? What experience did you bring?’
  • [03:10] Liz Barton gives the differences between the various types of learning and their effect on knowledge retention.
  • [05:10] Liz gives her work-in-practice experience and its effect on her learning habit.
  • [07:55] Explanation of how the learning and development model changed now from the one used in the 90s? 
  • [10:56] Liz talks about the flip side of the micro-learning model of acquiring knowledge.
  • [12:50] Ad break. Learn More
  • [14:10] The episode resumes with Brendon asking how the specific goals of the learning model differ for different kinds of learners. 
  • [17:46] Does micro-learning create stronger learning goals among learners?
  • [19:43] Brendon and Liz discuss how the adult human brain needs periodical breaks when learning.
  • [22:42] Liz explains how micro-learning improves Vet CT in the various specializations in the Veterinary field. 
  • [26:39] Brendan asks ‘Do your specialists have a chance to teach?’ 
  • [28:38] Closing Ad
  • [29:22] The end. Learn More

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