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Ep 4: Dr. Sue Ettinger ‘The Cancer Vet’

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On the podcast today I talk with Dr. Sue Ettinger aka ‘The Cancer Vet’. Dr. Sue is a boarded oncologist and heads up the Oncology Department at the Animal Specialty & Emergency Center in the Hudson Valley, NY. She is the co-author of the best-selling book ‘The Dog Cancer Survival Guide’, co-hosts The Pet Cancer Vet podcast and if that wasn’t enough, is a Certified Veterinary Journalist contributing content to Clinician’s Brief, Today’s Veterinary Practice, Veterinary Team Brief, and DVM360.

Dr. Sue is super-passionate about raising cancer awareness and developed the awesome ‘See Something, Do Something. Why Wait? Aspirate’ program, more on that in the episode. This might be my favourite episode yet, the energy was insane, please enjoy this awesome conversation and get to know Dr Sue.

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