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Ep 37: Can You Future-Proof a Practice With Creativity?, with Portia Stewart

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The only thing certain is change, so what changes will allow you to continue to grow a thriving practice?

In today’s episode of The Veterinary Business Success Show, we’re joined by Portia A. Stewart, former editor at First Line, and perpetual advocate of veterinary team members, and creativity consultant.

Portia has spent 19 years working in companion animal health media. As well as being the former editor of Firstline magazine, aforementioned, she is also the former Team Channel Director for dvm360 and vice president of content and a content strategy director. Portia has over 20 years of media experience, including leading creative teams through digital and data transformations. She leverages data-driven insights to help teams develop products that delight and engage audiences. 

Currently, Portia is the CEO of her company Mind Full Creatives, which she launched in 2021 to help businesses sync their investments in innovation to their revenue. 

In this episode, Portia wants you to start thinking about how you can create the right environment to get the right ideas for change—by asking for ideas in the right way, experimenting with those ideas, and putting the right resources in place to turn those ideas into reality.

Outline of this episode:

  • [01:17] Portia shares her journey.
  • [04:48] How creativity works in smaller companies versus larger, established ones.
  • [07:04] Selling pet health as opposed to individual products or services.
  • [13:07] Breaking down the vision you have for your business into milestones.
  • [16:30] Ad break – Join our veterinary leadership program.
  • [17:46] Divergent thinking versus convergent thinking.
  • [20:28] Best practices when conducting future-proofing sessions.
  • [24:12] A different way to think of “failure”.
  • [25:49] Baby steps that any company can take to start future-proofing their business today.
  • [28:28] The benefits of “questionstorm” sessions.
  • [31:15] The episode wraps up.

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