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Ep 35: Falling Back In Love- With Our Profession & Ourselves

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Today’s show is the 2019 end-of-year review. Normally it is my job to interview and tease apart the life of interesting people from around the world of veterinary medicine.

But in the now traditional end-of-year review episode, I take the time to reflect on some of my favorite clips from my 2019 interviews and consolidate the wisdom.

This year a strand that really stood out was how many people have overcome their battles to find some kind of equilibrium between their work-self and their personal self. Balance seems to be a crucial part of maintaining a happy mind and soul – not an easy task in the crazy world of veterinary care!

It would be unwise to say that any single pathway might work for you, but it is clear that there are lots of options that we can all play with as we strive to find a place of stability that allows us to truly love both our work, and ourselves.

In this episode take the time to digest the nuggets and reflect on how pertinent the individual wisdom might be to you. I certainly found as I listened back to my guests, new nuggets and thoughts blossoming in my mind.

I hope you derive similar wisdom and enjoy my framing.

All that remains is for me to wish you a wonderful holiday season. Be sure to get some well-deserved rest with friends and family. Reflect on what has gone before and take time to make a SMART plan for 2020.

Until next year, from all of us at VetX International. Be safe. Be well. And be happy. Enjoy the show. Dr. D.

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