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Ep 35: Better Onboarding, Better Retention: Tips from Veterinary Instruction Designer, Ori Scislowicz

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In today’s episode of That Vet Life Podcast, we’re joined by veterinary instruction designer, Ori Scislowicz.

Ori has been in and out of the veterinary industry, and now she’s back in as an Education Development Specialist at Patterson Veterinary Supply. Armed with HR, PR, sales, and marketing insights carried over from her previous career, Ori’s return to vet med has given her a newfound sense of “endless creativity”.

Listen in as Ori explains why your onboarding and training might be a problem. She gives some first steps and broader about the roadblocks to new hires feeling well-trained, well-supported, and well on their way on a ladder of success and promotion at your veterinary practice.

Outline of this episode:

  • [01:17] Ori shares her “weird” career trajectory which gave her new insight back to vet med.
  • [04:47] Incorporating sales, public relations, and marketing principles in vet med.
  • [07:07] Ori reveals where onboarding typically falls short.
  • [10:47] Ad break – Join our veterinary leadership program.
  • [12:03] The first step to consider when planning your onboarding process.
  • [15:34] Common mistakes made in the first draft of the phase training list.
  • [18:54] What first wall is typically encountered when implementing phase training?
  • [21:45] How to get your people to buy into the new onboarding process.
  • [25:43] How to fire someone tactfully.
  • [29:09] How phase training has resulted in a better onboarding process Patterson.
  • [31:36] The episode wraps up.

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