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Ep 34: The Road to Practice Ownership, with Dr. Andy Rollo

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In today’s episode of That Vet Life Podcast, we are joined by Walnut Lake Animal Hospital and Madison Veterinary Hospital owner, Dr. W. Andrew Rollo.

Dr. Andy’s journey into veterinary medicine began at Michigan State University, where he gained his veterinary doctorate in 2004. Andy then worked as a veterinarian for four years before making the decision to buy two practices. 

Andy has been on the Veterinary Economics advisory board for the past several years, as well as being a contributing author to the journal. He also does speaking engagements on veterinary health topics. He specializes in stem cell therapy⁠—an alternative form of treatment for a variety of conditions in animals such as arthritis.

Despite worrying about how much time finally buying a practice would be, two opportunities bubbled up at once, and Andy lept at the opportunities, buying both practices! This is his story of what that looked like as the strange pandemic years shook up plans, squeezed already rough hiring problems, and affected his and his team members’ lives.

Outline of this episode:

  • [00:22] The episode kicks off with an introduction to Andy Rollo.
  • [01:19] Andy introduces himself and his road to practice ownership.
  • [05:04] Andy reflects on taking on two business opportunities simultaneously four years ago.
  • [06:44] Life turned upside down due to COVID. How did Andy thrive during the past two turbulent years?
  • [09:35] Why did nobody complain when Andy chose to scale back working hours?
  • [12:34] Andy explains his hiring strategy as his practice scaled.
  • [19:09] What to consider when hiring or providing internships to new grads.
  • [20:27] Ad break – Join our veterinary leadership program.
  • [21:42] What differentiates Andy’s practice from the rest? 
  • [25:04] Has Andy’s overall staff morale been shaken since the onset of COVID?
  • [27:58] The importance of mental and emotional employee wellbeing?
  • [30:32] Andy discusses his areas of focus for the business for the next five years.
  • [36:22] The episode wraps up. 

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