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Ep 33: Bill Schroeder – Marines, Marketing & Caring Like Crazy

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On today’s show I’m joined by former US Marine turned marketing guru Bill Schroeder.

Bill has a fascinating career path and attended Western Illinois University where he gained his degree in Electrical, Electronic, and Communications Engineering in 1991. Following graduation, he enlisted in the US Marine Corp.

After surviving the legendary Marine Corp boot camp training at the USMC Depot in San Diego, he went on to serve as a helicopter mechanic, plane captain, and then as a reservist, training NCO, and section leader.

Following his years of service, Bill started his first business and spent time working in field surveillance and private investigations.

But in 1998 he and his wife Katie decided to move in a new direction and began what would turn out to be the start of a two-decade (and counting) love affair with veterinary medicine by founding Intouch Practice Communications Inc., which has grown phenomenally since its inception and has helped thousands of veterinarians and dentists step successfully into the digital age.

Bill has completed the Veterinary Management Institute’s Practice Management Program at Purdue University’s Krannert School of Management graduating in 2010. He has returned to help teach the Marketing Segment to VMI students ever since.

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Now back to the show…

Bill’s passion for helping his veterinary colleagues succeed is incredible and his ability to see a glass half full makes him a great person to listen to and spend time with. So, without further ado, sit back and enjoy this conversation with one of my favorite humans, Mr. Bill Schroeder.

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