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Ep 31: Getting Nerdy About Inventory with Nicole Clausen

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Are inventory managers the unsung heroes of veterinary clinics? 


In this week’s episode of The Veterinary Business Success Show, host Brendan Howard interviews inventory guru, Nicole Clausen.  

Nicole Clausen, CSSGB, CCFP has over 14 years of experience in the veterinary industry with 10 years in small animal practice. She worked her way up from receptionist to Operations Manager in various clinics and understands the intricacies and internal workings of a successful practice. She now is the founder and consultant at Veterinary Care Logistics, a consulting firm specializing in inventory management for veterinary professionals.

Since its inception, Nicole and Veterinary Care Logistics have helped hundreds of veterinary practices, from coast to coast, create sustainable, lasting inventory management strategies in their veterinary practices.

Nicole Clausen is also the founder of the Veterinary Inventory Strategy Network, a community and educational platform dedicated to inventory management, the host of the Inventory Nation Podcast, the founder of Inventory Ally, the first-ever inventory management software for veterinarians, and a regular speaker on inventory management.

In the episode, Nicole discusses the role of an inventory manager, the common concerns and problems with inventory, and how to find help if you need it! 

Outline of this episode:

  • [01:17] The episode begins with Brendan introducing today’s talk topic (inventory) and guest, Nicole Clausen.
  • [02:10] Nicole shares how and why she became an inventory guru.
  • [04:41] Brendan asks Nicole if she felt alone sorting through inventory at her first veterinary clinic – how it all started! 
  • [06:35] Nicole talks about the role of the inventory manager and how this is often combined with other roles. 
  • [08:15] What are the common concerns of an inventory manager?
  • [10:39] What is the most common problem of doing inventory?
  • [15:15] What are the two things Nicole tries to link with inventory?
  • [17:45] Are there often pushbacks from clinics to do inventory reports?
  • [18:30] Ad break, join our Leaders community. 
  • [19:37] The episode resumes with Brendan asking Nicole if people get overwhelmed by the reports of inventory.
  • [21:45] How has covid affected inventory?
  • [24:01] Where should people turn to if they want to learn more about inventory?
  • [26:30] Are people open to sharing their inventory issues within Nicole’s inventory managers’ community groups?
  • [28:30] Brendan asks why veterinary professionals feel shame or guilt around inventory management. 
  • [30:30] How does Nicole manage her Facebook group when tensions are high. 
  • [32:20] How does Nicole handle online pharmacies? 
  • [34:10] The episode wraps up to an end. 


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