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Ep 30: A Deep Dive Into The E Myth Veterinarian, with Dr. Peter Weinstein

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This week, host Brendan Howard is joined by the owner of PAW Consulting, president of Simple Solutions for Vets, and author of the E myth veterinarian, Dr. Peter Weinstein. 

Peter has had a rich, varied and successful career based in Southern California. He is a graduate of Cornell University and got his veterinary degree from the University of Illinois. After graduation, Peter worked as an associate for three years before opening his own practice.

Whilst running his practice Peter, learned the hard way that it takes way more than just a love of animals to run a successful hospital and so while managing and practicing full time, he attended the University of Redlands to receive his MBA. Undertaking his MBA had a massive positive impact on his trajectory and helped his practice ‘take off’. 

Following the success of his practice, Dr. Peter “segway-ed” out of clinical practice and into the land of politics and business consulting. Peter went on to serve as the President and Executive Director of the Southern California Veterinary Medical Association, President of the California Veterinary Medical Association, and is a Past-President of VetPartners in the US.

Currently, Peter provides small business and corporate consulting services at PAW Consulting. He is also the Executive Director for the Southern California VMA, Co-author of “The EMyth Veterinarian- Why Most Veterinary Practices Don’t Work and What to Do About It”, and president of Simple Solutions for Vets. 

Tune in to learn a bit more about what ‘e myth’ veterinary is, and how you can apply this and systems to help your practice run smoothly. 

Outline of this episode:

  • [01:19] The episode begins with Brendan asking Dr. Peter how it all started. 
  • [03:55] Peter recalls the time he began working with Michael Gerber.
  • [06:55] How are veterinary clinics the same (or different) from other businesses?
  • [09:30] What happens if employees don’t want systems in place?
  • [11:15] Ad break – join our Leaders community. 
  • [12:35] The episode resumes with Brendan asking Peter, what e myth helped him with when he was a practice owner. 
  • [15:27] Brendan asks if the breakdown is management not putting systems in place or employees not following systems. 
  • [17:30] Are systems constantly adapting or set in place?
  • [20:44] Is there a time when team members are against systems?
  • [23:50] How does e myth make you think about systems? 
  • [27:10] How can leaders keep their mission going?
  • [29:00] The episode comes to an end. 

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To find out more about Peter, listen to his episode with our CEO and founder, Dr. Dave Nicol, on Blunt Dissection here


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