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Ep 29: Tips to Boost Your People Skills, with Jim Bolton

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This week on The Veterinary Business Success Show, communication expert, Jim Bolton, joins host, Brendan Howard. 

Jim’s experience in communication began at a young age, with both his parents founding Ridge Training (a US-based firm that improves business and personal relationships through skillful communication). Both his parents have also published books dedicated to improving communication skills within the workplace, including his father’s, Robert Bolton’s, well-known book, ‘People Skills’. 

Now as the president and owner of Ridge, Jim is on his own mission to consult business leaders to build high-candor cultures in their organizations.

In this episode, Brendan quizzes Jim on different ways to approach communication in a veterinary practice including what it’s meant by psychological safety and situational leadership.

Outline of this episode:

  • [01:14] The episode begins with Brendan asking Jim about his father’s book ‘People Skills: How to Assert Yourself, Listen to Others and Resolve Conflicts’. 
  • [03:17] Brendan asks Jim when people come to you are they interested in learning people skills, or is it a push from managers?
  • [05:36] Brendan asks, do people ever get to the end of communication skills training and still feel unable to communicate their feelings to particular people? Jim discusses ‘situational leadership’. 
  • [07:44] Internally understanding our own communication. 
  • [10:19] Brendan and Jim discuss different communication skills within a veterinary practice. 
  • [15:59] How do veterinary professionals find space to communicate in a high pace and high steak environment- such as a veterinary practice?
  • [18:44] Ad break – join our new webinar, ‘Beat The Market: A Hiring Masterclass For Veterinary Practices’. 
  • [20:01] The episode resumes with Brendan and Jim discussing psychological safety and enforcing this to leaders ‘set in their way’.
  • [25:54] What is the first thing to start with to boost communication? 
  • [30:44] The episode wraps up to an end, with Brendan telling us where to find Jim Bolton. 

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