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Ep 28: Is ‘Workplace Culture’ An Annoying Buzzword or a Crucial Pillar at Your Practice? With Marnette Falley

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Certified executive coach and former DVM360 Head of Content, Marnette Falley, is back again for another episode of The Veterinary Business Success Show. 

For those of you who don’t know Marnette, she is an ICF (International Coaching Federation) “certified executive coach, consultant, and creative problem solver who helps clients identify and activate personal and organizational strengths and overcome persistent barriers.” With over 25 years of business experience and insight-producing coaching tools and skills, Marnette coaches corporate clients to boost employee engagement and help leaders and teams grow into their potential.

In this episode host Brendan Howard, gets advice from Marnette Falley, on practice culture. 

Join us as Marnette goes into detail about what culture is, who in the practice should decide on it, and how can leaders and their employees can maintain a good practice culture. 

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Outline of this episode:

  • [01:12] The episode begins with Brendan Howard asking Marnette ‘what is culture’?
  • [03:40] What and where is the culture handbook? 
  • [06:21] What makes a bad culture?
  • [08:02] Is it a collaborative effort to decide on culture? How do mission statements change behaviors?
  • [13:20] What happens when there are sub-cultures or staff not on the same page?
  • [15:09] Marnette discusses if people disagree with culture and why this may be. 
  • [16:55] Ad break – sign up to our brand new webinar, here
  • [18:18] The episode resumes with Brendan asking Marnette, what is the impact of employees saying they ‘don’t like the culture’, and how important is culture?
  • [22:00] Is culture about the business or the boss?
  • [24:13] How do smaller sub-cultures in businesses work well together?
  • [26:26] Marnette discusses ‘The Good Fight’ but Liane Davey
  • [30:00] What can employees do to help culture? 
  • [33:17] How we can use mindfulness and gratitude to 
  • [34:00] Brendan tells us where we can get in touch with Marnette and wraps up the episode. 

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