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Ep 28: Chris Brogan- Authentic Marketing for Veterinarians

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On today’s show, I was super excited to be joined by one of my writing and business idols, Chris Brogan.

Chris is one of the original group of people who, in the late nineties, decided this new-fangled-interwebs thing might just be useful and went all in. A risk that has paid off handsomely as he became known as one of the leading marketing gurus of the internet age.

He is also one of the most published authors on the internet and has been described as a ‘content production cyborg’ due to the volume and frequency of his publishing.

But this description would be unfair because there is nothing robotic about the way Chris thinks or writes. His thoughtful, ground-breaking, and inspiring style has made him one of the most popular bloggers on the planet, and his blog, is one of the most read in history.

But his writing credits do not stop there. Chris became a New York Times and Wall Street Journal best-selling author when he published ‘Trust Agents’ and has gone on to write or co-author another seven books. With work published in Entrepreneur magazine for good measure.

All of this means for the next hour or so, you are going to be listening to genuine marketing royalty dipping his toes into the world of veterinary medicine.

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Now, back to the show.

Chris may be a huge name in the business but he is no ego. In fact, I’ve rarely met a warmer, more humble person. In our interview, we covered a lot of ground from marketing to mindfulness. And we dive deep into his most recent project, Dented – an exploration of the vulnerable human condition and how we might better embrace all aspects of the digital lives we all now lead.

It’s a scary thing to meet your heroes, but Chris was every bit as awesome as I hoped. So, whether you are in the business of helping pet owners by marketing better, or the business of keeping yourself sane, this is a conversation you do not want to miss.
I hope you enjoy my conversation with the legend that is Chris Brogan.

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