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EP 26: How Bad Do You Want It? With Dr. Jessica Wilson

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On today’s show, I am joined by Dr. Jessica Wilson. Jessica is a veterinarian and professional athlete. In fact, as of now, she holds a new record – being the first pro-athlete to appear on Blunt Dissection.

Jessica’s journey into veterinary medicine began early when she decided (age four) to become a vet. But from that moment the odds seemed stacked against her and she had to overcome many obstacles. Growing up, the daughter of a single mum who migrated to New York from the Dominican Republic, money, nor culture was not on her side. And she had to find a way to cope with the rejection from vet school that nearly stopped her career before it started.

Jessica’s resilience was also put to the test in her early career. But while she may be small in stature, Jessica possesses a drive and determination to overcome obstacles that are formidable and have helped her to achieve success not only as a veterinary dentist but also as a professional athlete in the world of bodybuilding.

Initially, Jessica took up bodybuilding as a way to manage her stress level as a vet, but quickly fell in love with the sport and started to move up through the ranks to her current level competing as an athlete on the IBB professional circuit.

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Back to Jessica. This native New Yorker has crammed a lot of living into her years on this earth and she shares openly both her struggles and triumphs in equal measure. Her’s is a tale of building not just her body, but also her mind as life kept on dishing out challenges.

So, without further ado, I present to you, my conversation with Dr. Jessica Wilson.

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