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Ep 23: Crush Your Fear

Episode Details

Today’s show is the 2018 end-of-year review. Normally it is my job to interview and tease apart the life of interesting people from around the world of veterinary medicine.

But in this end-of-year review episode, I take the time to reflect on my favorite clips from my 2018 guests, and this year I decided to wrap the clips up in a theme which this year is how to overcome fear.

F.E.A.R. (or false evidence appearing real) stalks many of us in veterinary medicine and shows up to wreck our days in many ways if we let it.

It influences us as students and can lead to burnout, it can prevent us from making good decisions that can change our lives for the better and it can harm the welfare of our patients. So in this episode, I put fear under the microscope and each guest shares their take on fear from a unique angle and offers their advice on how to be more fearless.

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Ok, back to the episode. We cover everything from farming to fast jets and much in between. While this episode may be more staccato than you are used to, it also provides insight and solutions to the many-faced beast that fear can manifest as.

I hope you enjoy this exploration and dissection of the topic of fear, which may help you slay one or two of your inner demons.
A better Christmas gift I cannot offer. Enjoy.

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