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Ep 22: Mr Veterinary Communication- Dr. Roeland Wessels

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On today’s show, I am joined by Dutch Veterinary Royalty and Communication Master Dr. Roeland Wessels.

Roeland graduated from Utrecht University with a doctorate in veterinary medicine in 1995 and entered the workplace in his native Holland.

In 2001 he opened St Anna 404, his own small animal vet practice which he and his wife have operated successfully as an exemplar of veterinary business in Holland ever since.

Away from his practice, Roeland is best known for his work as a veterinary business consultant and in particular a communications specialist.

There are many skills needed by modern veterinarians, but as Roeland says veterinary schools don’t teach you the most important one: how to understand humans. (Hear, hear, say I). It is safe to say that he is on a mission to change the way communication between humans is taught to veterinarians at all levels of the profession.

To this end, Roeland published his first book, The Veterinary Communication Handbook, in May 2013. It’s a great book that I encourage any vets to read.

Now, in addition to his book, the forward-thinking Utrecht University Veterinary School (one of the best-rated vet schools on the planet), has boldly incorporated Roeland’s communications program into their undergraduate curriculum since 2015. Kudos there to Utrecht in making a move that one hopes other vet schools around the world will follow.

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Back to the episode. This conversation is already one of my favorites simply because Roeland shared so freely and honestly from his wide-ranging and deep experience and knowledge. The episode is so crammed full of advice and insight I know you are going to have to listen again and again.

And happily, for accent lovers, due to his soft Dutch accent, that should prove no hardship at all. So, without further ado, I give you my conversation with Mr. Veterinary Communication, Dr. Roeland Wessels.

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