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Ep 21: Bash Halow

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On today’s show, I am joined by Bash Halow.

Bash, is one of the most entertaining speakers on the veterinary circuit, firstly because he is tear-inducingly funny when he hits his flow, highly eloquent, and not afraid to say things that others might take offense to.

In short, he possesses a raw authenticity that has endeared him to many in his native North America and beyond, notably he recently addressed the Veterinary Management Association at the House of Lords in London.

Based in New York, Bash started out life as a technician and pursued his business interest to founding both the New Jersey Veterinary Hospital Manager’s Association, the Big Apple Veterinary Management group in NYC and served as an advisor for the Mercer County Community College’s Veterinary Assistant Program, the first of its kind in the area.

Bash’s day-to-day work involves helping veterinary hospitals understand how to build stronger teams and responsibly and ethically grow their businesses. And he is a member of the American Animal Hospital Association, the Veterinary Hospital Managers Association, and the Pennsylvania Veterinary Medical Association which recognized Bash with the President’s Award in 2013 for his educational work in that state.

He is also on the editorial advisory board for Firstline Veterinary Management Magazine and the FetchDVM360 veterinary conferences.

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Back to Bash, I can honestly say that no guest has made me laugh so much at topics that I might otherwise find quite dark, Bash was genuine, forthright, vulnerable, and honest during this interview which made him such an amazing guest.
So let me speak no more and instead leave you to savor, learn or maybe just enjoy this, my conversation with the wonderful, Bash Halow.

Topics covered in this episode include:

  • Why Bash moved upstate and enjoys farming, bees, and chickens.
  • His opinions on the modern veterinary practice.
  • Why the job of the veterinary receptionist is almost impossible the way most clinics do it.
  • Much more about Bash you have never heard, but will make you love him even more. (Except vegans – and even then, it’s hard not to love Bash).

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