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Ep 20: UQ Vet Students Interview Dr Dave

Episode Details

Normally on Blunt Dissection, it is my job to interview and get under the skin of the great and good of veterinary medicine, to get them to tell their story as you’ve never heard before and to learn as much about their journey in vet med as possible – in the hope we can all learn how to be better versions of us.

This episode is a little different because, in this episode, the students at the University of Queensland Vet School decided that it was time to turn the tables and put me under the spotlight. So aside from having the creeping feeling that this is an unhealthy exercise in narcissism, I encourage you to manage your expectations down! I make absolutely no claims to being one of the great and good in vet med, nor do I offer any assurance that you, my dear listeners, will receive the benefit of wisdom whatsoever!

Which of course is no reflection on the skills of my guest hosts Lianne (@vetmedkid), Mackenzie (@thevetintraining), and Amy (@chasingvetmed) who all did a fantastic job as first-time interviewers and are great examples of why millennials can and will rock the veterinary profession in future.

This show is entertaining at least but is especially good to listen to if you want to learn more about a career in vet med, how to survive vet school, and also, how to get places quickly and be happier in your career after graduation. Plus it will give you a useful insight into not just my mind (god help us all), but also the mind of my interviewers who in a few short years will be entering the workplace.

Now, just before we jump into the episode, I just wanted to drop a quick word from our show sponsor VetX: Thrive. If you are struggling in practice or you know a vet who is then please check this out. VetX: Thrive is a community that will help you find purpose direction and give you the skills to succeed and be happy. As a member, you’ll learn and master the non-clinical skills required for success.

You’ll get access to the best mentors around and you’ll be part of a supportive global network of vets. If you think that sort of support and training would help you succeed as a vet then head to and click on VetX: Thrive to learn more.

Now back to the show. This episode was recorded originally as a Live Instagram broadcast between the UK and Australia, so it is amazing that it happened at all. I want to shout out my sound team who have worked some technological miracles to bring this episode together – so thank you very much Evenlin. And with all of that said, all that remains now is to invite you to sit back and enjoy this special student episode of Blunt Dissection.

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