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Ep: 17 Lean Management Techniques from Japan with Chip Ponsford

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Our first Veterinary Business Success Show episode of the year features the author of ‘Lean Veterinary Practice Management’ Dr. Emmanuel ‘Chip’ Ponsford.

Dr. Chip gained his experience as a writer after working as a small animal practice owner for 27 years whilst studying the Toyota Production System (Lean) and applying it to veterinary medicine. Now an advocate of Lean in Veterinary Medicine, Chip is on a mission to provide greater value to the customer at a lesser cost and waste whilst providing better resources, as well as respect, involvement, and engagement of staff members. 

‘Lean is a complete system. It is standardized work for managing and growing a business. It is teachable and it is learnable. I am convinced that a veterinary practice utilizing the complete mindset of Lean will, over time, out perform a practice that is not.’

Alongside his work advocating ‘Lean’, Dr. Chip works as an associate veterinarian in Dallas. 

Tune in to this episode to learn more about how Lean management techniques can be applied to veterinary medicine and help your veterinary practice thrive. 

Outline of this episode:

  • [01:17] The episode begins with Brendan Howard asking Dr. Chip about his book on lean management.
  • [03:16] Chip discusses the concept of lean management 
  • [04:38] What are the key principles of lean?
  • [06:00] Chip talks about the two principles of operational excellence.
  • [08:57] Ad break – Join our Leaders program
  • [10:07] The episode resumes with Chip discussing how Lean management can help staff take ownership.
  • [11:43] What is the process of operational excellence in practice?
  • [16:52] Is maximizing the value of the customer the primary mindset behind operational excellence?
  • [18:39] The episode wraps up to the end 

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