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EP 167: Dear New Grad

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Dr. Moriah McCauley goes solo on the mic in this week’s episode, sharing advice that she and other veterinarians wish they could have given to their younger selves. Dr. Moirah McCauley combined a love of animals and a passion for taking care of others to become a small animal veterinarian. She had the chance to study with outstanding veterinarians in the country when she was pursuing her veterinary degree at the University of Edinburgh in Scotland.

She found a means to share these possibilities with her colleagues after realizing how valuable their tales were, which is how she enter into podcasts. Dr. McCauley started to concentrate on the function of these stories in veterinary medicine and how storytelling can enhance outcomes for clients and patients as she made the transition from student to doctor. Through her engaging storytelling, she encouraged veterinarians and veterinary
students to be competent and confident.

In this special episode, Dr. Moriah and other seasoned vets from the veterinary world offer vital advice for aspiring vets. Listen in and find out what Dr. Moriah and other seasoned veterinarians would like to tell their younger selves.

● 01:12 – Dr. Moriah begins the episode with a short preview.
● 04:02 – Dr. Moriah discusses her experience as a vet graduate, highlighting the highs and lows of the journey.
● 06:06 – Dr. Moriah talks about the challenges associated with the transition from a vet student to a practising veterinarian.
● 09:10 – Speaking on mentoring, Dr. Moriah calls attention to the role of mentors, stressing the value of effective mentoring in the growth of new grads.
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● 12:12 – Dr. Moriah picks up the podcast by discussing the responsibilities of mentors and how the appropriate mentorship can assist the recent graduate in overcoming
daily challenges.
● 19:30 – Dr, Moriah reads the advice offered by seasoned veterinarians from the vetstagram community.
● 21:40 -Dr. Moriah wraps up the episode.

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