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Ep 157: Job Interviews: What we wish we asked, With Dr. Anna Schozer

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In this week’s episode of That Vet Life Podcast, Dr. Moriah McCauley is joined by Dr. Anna Schozer to discuss the questions that young veterinarians should ask before joining a practice, as well as highlighting the red and green flags to watch out for during an interview.

As a small animal emergency veterinarian, Dr. Anna Schozer practices in the state of New Hampshire. After graduating from the University of Missouri in 2021 with a DVM, she returned to the east coast and fell in love with relief work. During her second year of veterinary school, she launched an online health and fitness company that has since assisted over 250 women in finding balance in their lives. Building on this, Dr. Anna Schozer is also a talented content creator who shares educational and inspiring content about the field on social media.

Listen in as they discuss what new graduates should look for when choosing a practice.


  • [01:13] Dr. Moriah begins the episode with a short introduction of Dr. Anna Schozer
  • [03:30] We are given a short preview of the episode.
  • [05:10] Dr. Anna Schozer talks about her journey in the Veterinary profession, highlighting the challenges she faced as a young veterinarian.
  • [09:10] Diving straight into the questions young vets should ask before going into practice.
  • [13:05] “Have you ever had a new graduate work here?” Learn interview etiquette from Dr. Anna Schozer, and whether asking questions as straightforward as this is okay.
  • [16:00] A short ad break – join Thrive
  • [17:08] How can you get past the sugar-coated interview process? What are the best interview questions to ask to bring up those red and green flags?
  • [19:05] Dr. Anna Schozer and Dr. Moriah list the essential questions that new grads should ask before joining a practice.
  • [22:00] Is it ok to negotiate the salary during the interview? Discussing the financial aspect of a job including the salary, relocation bonus, signing bonus, and other perks.
  • [32:17] Dr. Anna offers valuable advice for young veterinarians looking to join a practice as their first job.
  • [34:15] Dr. Moriah thanks Dr. Anna for joining and wraps up the episode.

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